What to do after attending our 2 minute Intro webinar:

We hope you enjoyed the webinar.

You now need to register for our 45 minute follow-up webinar … or a one-to-one session (in Surrey/Fetcham by Leatherhead) or on the internet via Skype … so you can quit for life.

Act now to ensure you get the £50.00  ‘early booking’ discount and receive the  joining details in time for the first follow-up webinar.

‘2-minute intro’ notes

 Why stop smoking?

  • Your health – heart or lung disease, cancer, diabetes, alzheimers, arthritis, impotency
  • The danger to others

The good news:

  • The sooner you stop, the lower the risks
  • You’ll rapidly recover the cost of our programme; then it’s all money saved
  • Quitting gives most a ‘sense of freedom’

 Why stop with us?

  • One year 80% money-back guarantee
  • 98% success to date, as we combine 4 approaches:
    • Cognitive-Behavioural techniques (CBT)
    • Acceptance-Action techniques (AAT)
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Relaxation process (light hypnotherapy) … you’re awake and fully aware of what’s being said
  • This combination is a lot more effective than any single approach
  • Tools you learn can be used to take control of any area of your life such as losing weight, eliminating public speaking nerves, achieving goals
  • We teach you how to deal with smoking drivers, such as stress
  • You won’t put on weight if you quit with us


  • 45 minute follow-up webinar: £145.00
  • One-to-one alternative:      £395.00
    • Face to face in London (Maida Vale) or Surrey (Leatherhead)
    • Internet via Skype
  • £50.00 ‘early booking’ reduction on both options if book and pay now (next two days):

How to book:

 How to pay:

  • Send a cheque made out to Abicord, addressed to: Abicord, Skuttles, The Drive, Fetcham, Surrey, KT22 9EN (‘UK’ if from overseas)
  • Bank transfer to: Abicord, Nat West Bank (Leatherhead), Sort Code 60-12-36; Account Number 33019495 (let us know when you’ve paid)
  • Card: details needed (by email or phone):
    • Name on card
    • Card number
    • Security code
    • Expiry date
    • Start date or issue number
    • Address (that card statements are sent to)
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
  • For the one-to-one option, you can pay when we see you, or when we’ve arranged an internet session (remember to book in the next 2 days to get the £50.00 early-booking discount)
  • If you have a promotional code, contact us (see contact details under ‘how to book’ above)

And finally:

  • Any queries? Contact us (see contact details under ‘How to book’ above)
  • We look forward to you joining us to quit for life

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